President's visit to Kalutara Bodhi Premises
H.E. the President completed one year of ascending of the Presidency as at 8th January 2016 and therefore he had thought of attending to religious activities at the Kalutara Sacred Bodhi premises on the 8th January 2016 at 7.30 a.m. As a mark of visit to the sacred Bodhi, arrangements were also made to hand over the Lease agreement document signed by the H.E. the President himself on that day.

As scheduled, H.E. the president arrived at 7.30 a.m. and attended to religious rites and Buddha Pooja at the Uda Maluwa and paid his homage to the sacred Bodhi. On his way back to the main Dharmashalawa "Na" sapling was also planted to mark his visit to the Bodhi premises.

15 monks who were invited to be present at the meeting, Chanted Seth Pirith and blessed H.E. the President. Since the meeting had to be shortened, the Anusashanas and speeches had to be limited. Lease documents with regard to the Bodhi Premises were handed over by H.E. the President to the Chairman of the Kalutara Bodhi Trust.

All Trustees of the Bodhi were present at the meeting. The house was full with state officials and special invitees

Some photos taken at the event
The Kalutara Bōdhi Trust (KBT) was established in 1951 by Sir Cyril de Zoysa
The library at Kalutara Bhodi trust, houses a large number of valuable Buddhist literature.
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The legacy of Sir Cyril de Zoysa, the founder of the Kalutara Bōdhi
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