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The Full moon Poya day of Nawam fell on 22.2.2016. This day is special for buddhists for two reasons i.e this day being the day the Ven. Sariputta Thero and Ven. Moggallana Thero were appointed as the chief disciples by Lord Buddha, and on another Full moon Poya day of Nawam the Lord Buddha declared at the Chapala Dagaba premises in the city of Visala Mahanuwara that he would pass away after three months from that day of His declaration.

Kalutara Bodhi Trust decided to honour the Buddha by way of organizing a Medical Camp in the Bodhi premises on the full moon day of Nawam for those who wished to get themselves checked up whether they are physically healthy. Bodhi Trust has been organizing Blood Donation Camps during the last 14 years, on almost every Poya day. A medical camp of this nature is a novel experience.

In this regard 29 doctors and specialists along with support staff including nurses, (males, females), middle level technical staff, pharmacists etc. took part in this event voluntarily having sacrificed their off day, for a genuine course.

Approximately 1000 devotees were treated on this day. Prescribed medicine was supplied free of charge. The donors came forward to offer medicine for this worthy course.

Dr. Mahesh Harischandra Consultant Physician of National Hospital Colombo / Sri Lanka Air Force Medical corps coordinated the affairs related to mobilizing the relevant medical staff.

Some photos taken at the Medical Camp
The Kalutara Bōdhi Trust (KBT) was established in 1951 by Sir Cyril de Zoysa
The library at Kalutara Bhodi trust, houses a large number of valuable Buddhist literature.
The essence of true charity is to give something without expecting anything in return for the gift. Donating blood is one such thing.
The legacy of Sir Cyril de Zoysa, the founder of the Kalutara Bōdhi
Trust, is every bit a monument which shall certainly endure...
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