The Sir Cyril de Zoysa, V.T. de Zoysa and Chulaka de Zoysa Scholarship Fund

This Fund was initiated and funded by family members in November 1996 in memory of Sir Cyril de Zoysa, V.T. de Zoysa and Chulaka de Zoysa. Its purpose is to provide an education to those children who, due to their dire economic circumstances, would otherwise have to forego this basic and essential need.
Financial assistance to the selected students continues to be provided through KBT to students at primary and secondary levels.
Enhancing Knowledge of the History of the Sāsana in Sri Lanka
KBT enlisted the services of an erudite scholar of history, Mrs. Metta Fernando, to compile a booklet Lakdiva Budusasunata Pasubim Vuu Itihāsaya, or the History of the Dispensation of the Buddha in Sri Lanka. The production and publication by the Bōdhimaga Padanama of the Bōdhi Trust was possible largely due to the unflinching commitment of one of our Trustees. It was closely supervised by Professor Dr. Lorna Fernando, who held the Chair of History in the University of Colombo. The booklet is worthy
of inclusion as a supplementary reader. It is anticipated that the Ministries of Education and of Religious Affairs will assist in its distribution among schools and libraries. The book is priced at Rs. 190 and made available at Rs. 100 on special occasions.
Scholarship Scheme
Under this scholarship scheme, selected children successful at the Grade 5 Scholarship Examination conducted by the Department of Examinations are provided financial assistance until they complete
their G.C.E. Ordinary Level Examination. This scheme has now been extended to cover students proceeding through to the G.C.E. Advanced Level.
The English Language Teaching (ELT) Programme
KBT identified a growing problem faced by young job aspirants who are bright and possess requisite skills, but who are unable to secure suitable employment due to a lack of proficiency in English. To help resolve this issue, KBT together with the English Language Professionals' Association (ELPA), established the English Language Teaching (ELT) programme, in 2004. KBT allocates funding to Bōdhimaga Padanama (a foundation that is an affiliate of KBT) to conduct classes in 44 centres throughout the Kalutara district. About 1,000 students are provided with lessons in the English language. At the end of each year, oral and written tests are conducted which are modelled on the lines of examinations conducted by the Governmentʼs education authorities. Certificates of proficiency as well as prizes are awarded. KBT anticipates that this initiative will be emulated in other districts subject to demand and availability of proficient teachers in those areas.
English Day Programme
The Bōdhimaga Padanama, in collaboration with the English Language Professionalsʼ Association (ELPA), and with logistical support from KBT also conducts English Day Programmes. Whether seeking employment or claiming credibility and parity within the social milieu, proficiency in English continues to be identified as a key benefit for our youth. ELPA and KBT recognise that language and culture are inseparable and one of the best ways of teaching a language is to familiarise students with cultural aspects and traits of the background in which a language flourished. Accordingly efforts are made to train children to sing English songs, stage plays in English or train them in Western dances.
Scholarships for Children of KBT Employees
Although this is a ‘home and home’ affair on the face of it, it is no less relevant in the context of need and economic considerations. It also gives those employees whose children benefit from the scholarships a greater sense of appreciation and understanding of the work carried out by KBT, and its dedication to the principles of ‘sharing, caring and empowering’.
Donation of Textbooks to Sāmaneras
Senior monks voiced their concerns that Sāmaneras or young novice trainee Buddhist monks, in general, are not sufficiently conversant in the Pāli language, Tripitaka and Sanskrit. In the early days, Bhikkhus received their education in the Temple pirivenas and reached the required benchmark in the relevant areas of study. One of the reasons attributed to the declining standards in recent times is the lack of resources to purchase necessary text books and additional reading material for pirivena students. To arrest this decline, KBT decided in 1999, to provide Sāmanera Bhikkhus with text books and other educational requirements. Since then, more than 3,000 Bhikkhus have been beneficiaries of this project.
Scholarships for Children Orphaned by the War
The country’s debilitating internal conflict spanning nearly three decades was largely in the North-East regions of Sri Lanka. This has taken a tragic toll on families, with many children losing at least one parent – in many instances the deceased parent being the main or only breadwinner of the family. As a consequence these children face the danger of a curtailed education and often have to seek menial employment to assist with family finances. In April 1996 KBT launched a scholarship scheme to support selected orphaned or needy children to ensure their uninterrupted education. The mid to long term goal is to provide them with an opportunity to pursue higher studies or to develop skills that will
boost their future prospects. Students in the Kalutara District who scored seven or more ‘A’ Grade passes at the G.C.E. Ordinary Level Examination (an average of over 75%) are provided with financial assistance.
The Kalutara Bōdhi Trust (KBT) was established in 1951 by Sir Cyril de Zoysa
The library at Kalutara Bhodi trust, houses a large number of valuable Buddhist literature.
The essence of true charity is to give something without expecting anything in return for the gift. Donating blood is one such thing.
The legacy of Sir Cyril de Zoysa, the founder of the Kalutara Bōdhi
Trust, is every bit a monument which shall certainly endure...
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